Stay Grantown – 14 Reasons Why

Stay Grantown on Spey

14 reason why you should stay Grantown on Spey in the Scottish Highlands.  It is very simple! Stay Grantown on Spey and enjoy the benefits of our Location, History, Local Produce

Location, Location, Location. Stay Grantown on Spey. Ideal base for Touring all in Speyside, Nairn, Cairngorm National Park and Loch Ness.

1765 – 2018. Grantown on Spey has 253 years of history to acknowledge and celebrate.  Join us , celebrate  of our Heritage & History in Grantown on Spey.

Local produce and foods. ‘Taste the Best’ –  award received when serving quality local produce.  We have It! Taste regional traditional dishes: Haggis, blackpudding, Oatmeal, Smoke Salmon, Vension, Dumpling. Scots Beef and fabulous Seafood:  Click here for our guide to eating out in Grantown on Spey

Adventure Sports: Enjoy the thrill of downhill on a mountain bike, hurl yourself off a bungee or take on the Coastal Waters in a kayak.  Cairngorms Scotland is one of the world’s top adventure playground.

Walk our Mountains: A Mass of them. Scotland boasts 282 Munros (3,000ft/914m) and countless other mountains and hills.

The Speyway, Moray Way, Davaway and John Muir Way. These superb long distance routes have existed for many decades, John Muir Way only kicked off last year.  There are many alternative routes created b in Scottish Highlands: Smugglers/Drovers Routes enjoyed today known to local guides.

Golf! As ‘Home of Golf’ is where the game was invented a round on one of the hundreds of less heralded courses, equally remarkable courses that are open to all.

Prehistorical: Clava Cairns, Pictish Stones near Ballindallach. Forget Stonehenge simply head to the standing stones at the end of the world at Calanais or on Orkney or the ones that lie half forgotten in farmers’ fields around the country. We have quite a few.

Celtic Culture: Our Braveheart Clans, Drama from Culloden lives on in Traditional Highland Games, Open Air Museums as well as through concerts and pub sessions throughout the Land.

Speyside Wildlife: Be awestruck by Speyside Wildlife and our Birdwatching & Wildlife Club is based here. Stay Grantown on Spey.  The Osprey found locally c/o RSPB Loch Garten. Visit Highland Wildlife Park to meet the Scottish wildcats, capercaillie, eurasian eagle owl, our family of Polar Bears. Our park is busy with life indeed!

Whisky: Some try to make whisky yet cannot spell it!  Speyside Whisky – 1824 onwards Glenlivet distillery and many more all within 20miles of each other. Here we have the real deal, postcard perfect and set in stunning locations.

Rail Adventure: Travel by Strathspey Steam Railway, Dufftown – Keith Diesel,  The Far North Line, Dunrobin Castle or take The Jacobite line to Mallaig (Harry Potter Train).  Alternative Scenic Journey with Scotrail to Kyle. The offering of scenery by rail is quite wonderful.  The Scottish Borders Railway too.
World Class Telford Engineering. The bridges throughout Strathspey and Moray designed and built by Telford are numerous and all unique. Craigellachie Bridge is just one.

Grantown on Spey, Historical Landmark Town, Circa 1765

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